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Sue of Petz Boardwalk was kind enough to host the completed (for now) versions of my bunny file.  I might tweak it a bit at some later point, but I’m not really in a hexing mood currently.  And I’m thinking my next project might be making the hooves and spots of Pigz inherit properly. Once I’m done with that, I’ll probably go back to the bunny and make its chest patch paintable.


Project finished!

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I had to give up paintability of the ears in order to get them to inherit properly. Aaaaah well. :/ But it’s finished. And all is good.

I guess I’ll turn this into a general Petz blog. :3


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Sorry I haven’t posted on here in a while – college work got in the way of hexing. But now I FINALLY have some time to spare. Here’s the three bunny variations, as promised:

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered some difficulty on the breeding version of the file – the ears don’t always pass down properly.

Top row is the mothers, second row is their second-generation offspring. Both offspring bunnies were sired by a brown bunny from the breedable file, although the mother in the first column was adopted from the nonbreeding file.

Some bunnies have ears that pass done normally, but I’d like for the proper inheritance pattern to be a more universal thing.


Also, sometimes weird, inexplicable stuff like this:

The offspring bunny has the ear problem, but the weird part is that it’s got the texture of a white or albino bunny when none of those are in its ancestry.

Nonbreeding File Finisheded!

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Well, I managed to add everything needed for the variations in one night.

Will post pictures…later.

Some better progress

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Okay, so I looked at Carolyn’s creation, and her tutorials on hexing have aided me to a preposterous extent. In the span of one hour, the only thing left for me to do is to make the outline variations. I’ve got all the variations correctly linked up. All bunny variations currently have the correct coloration and texture.I’d give a pic, but they currently don’t look too great right now. The bunnies need their correct outline colors (and iris color, in the case of the albino bunny) to really look polished off.

Progress! (but not much)

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I still haven’t figured out variations, sadly, but I HAVE figured out how to group body parts! On this bunny, unlike the default bunny, the inner ears and tailtip will paint separately from the rest of the body. Although I haven’t tested it in-game yet (hard to test when I don’t have any other colors of bunny to breed against, and my only version of the bunny is the unbreedable one), these areas + the snout patch should inherit seperately from the main body (areas painted in greyscale) as well!

This will become useful after variations are added. Although neither ears nor tail display transparent textures in any variety of bunny, each color of bunny in the original bunny lnz has a different texture used for these areas – bunnytan is used for the inner ears of brown bunnies while other varieties use bunnygrey, the brown and pink bunnies have bunnygrey tails while white and albino bunnies use cottonwhite. The snout patches use the same texture as the main fur of the bunny, but those textures will inherit seperately on the snout from the rest of the body – meaning you could, by breeding a pink and a white bunny, get a pink bunny with a white snout patch. And of course, because I’ve made bunnybrown2 transparent, the snoutpatches will be capable of mutation in bunnies descended from the brown variety.

However, because chest patches don’t exist in white bunnies, I wasn’t able to set up an inheritance group for the chest patch found in brown and pink bunnies yet. DX

Also, you can see that bunnies now actually look kind of furry after you paint them, instead of being flat and textureless like in the unmodified PFM bunny.

Differences between the original dummied LNZ and the intended completed project

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The three dummied bunny LNZ versions are very clearly still in the “testing” phase. Flat, textureless coloration on the head and ears seems to indicate that the programmers had been highlighting the structure of the ears in order to perfect their movement. The eyes are very oddly colored, and unlike the released bunny version have pupils colored differently from the irises – again, probably highlighting features to make glitches easier to find and fix. Unlike all other breeds in the game, which have their furfile indexes set up so that the pet is solidly colored when painted with a paintbrush, or the released bunny, which becomes textureless when painted, the fur of the unreleased bunnies becomes highly discolored in relationship to the paint when painted with the paint brush. and the fur color groups – the regions which are affected by paint cans and mutations – are at a complete disconnect with the regions that are actually meant to be different colors.  Because of my inductions about how PF Magic normally went about making creatures for its games, I’m going to assume that these things were meant to be changed for the final version. Changes I will make:

1. The 0th furfile on the texture list will be changed from terrypink to bunnybrown 2, and bunnybrown 2 will be set to argument one instead of argument zero. Terrypink becomes jarringly discolored when set at argument one, and most of the other “bunny” furfiles are even worse in this regard. Bunnybrown 2 (the texture used for the brown bunny), however, shows no signs of discoloration when set at argument one, and in fact actually becomes smoother in color when made transparent! Because it responds best to paintbrushes, I will set it to become the furfile that nontransparent furfiles will default to when painted. DONE.

2. The underlying color for the entire breed and all the variations will become #95 brown. It’ll be a waste of time and effort to customize the colors for any color other than brown, because all the other colors will have opaque furfiles. So yep. PF Magic probably would have made the colors underneath the textures correspond to the textures, but unlike them I am not getting paid to do this. I am going to go the easy route. DONE.

3. The eyes for the pink and brown variations will be changed to match the white bunny. The eyes of the albino bunny will have the same sclera, but the pupil/iris will be #75 pink (the most albino-like inheritable (and therefore PFM-approved ) eye color in the game).

4. The insides of the ears, the chest patch, the snout patch, and tail ball #2 will each get separate groups for painting and inheriting (and mutating, though nobody will see the mutations).  I’ve noticed that when inheritance and painting groups don’t match up with the areas that are actually distinct in texture or color,  it’s annoying to paint and and a disaster for breeding. I want this breed to be as play-friendly and official-looking as humanly possible. DONE for the default version. Haven’t added the variations yet…ugh…

5. There will be both star-icon (nonbreeding) and kitty-icon (breedable) versions of the file. I mean, now that there’ll be different non-mutatable colors from the AC to mix and match and one variety that actually can mutate, breeding purebred PFM bunnies will actually become somewhat worth the effort.

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